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You are here : > Health > Special Topic > Fetal development : Pictures & Images

Fetal development

Alternate Names : Zygote, Blastocyst, Embryo, Fetus

Pictures & Images

Fetus (10 weeks old)
Fetus (10 weeks old)

A fetus at 10 weeks of development has fully formed eyelids and well-formed digits and ears.

Fetus (12 weeks old)
Fetus (12 weeks old)

A fetus at 12 weeks can make a fist and suck its thumb.

16-week fetus
16-week fetus

At week 16, the fetus:

  • reaches a length of about 6 inches
  • makes active movements
  • makes sucking motions with the mouth

24-week fetus
24-week fetus

At 24 weeks the fetus:

  • has fully devloped eyes
  • has a hand and startle reflex
  • is forming footprints and fingerprints
  • is forming alveoli in lungs

26 to 28-week fetus
26 to 28-week fetus

At 26 to 28 weeks a fetus:

  • is rapidly developing its brain
  • controls some body functions
  • has eyelids which open and close
  • has a rapidly developing respiratory system

30 to 32 week fetus
30 to 32 week fetus

At 30 to 32 weeks a fetus:

  • has increased central nervous system control over body functions
  • has rhythmic breathing movements
  • is still developing lungs
  • is partially in control of body temperature

3.5 week fetus
3.5 week fetus

At 3.5 weeks the fetus:

  • will have formed the heart
  • begins development of the brain and spinal cord
  • starts forming the gastrointestinal tract

Fetus (7.5 weeks old)
Fetus (7.5 weeks old)

At 7.5 weeks:

  • the eyes move forward on the face and eyelids begin to form
  • the palate is nearing completion and the tongue begins to form
  • gastrointestinal tract separates from the genitourinary tract
  • all essential organs have begun to form

8.5 week fetus
8.5 week fetus

At 8.5 weeks:

  • the embryo now resembles a human
  • facial features continue to develop
  • beginnings of external genitalia form
  • anal passage opens, but the rectal membrane is intact
  • circulation through the umbilical cord is well developed
  • long bones begin to form


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Fetus (10 weeks old)

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